Watermelon Jerky – Improved!

So, I have to give it to Trader Joe’s. They are super innovative and bring such interesting new food items into their stores on a regular basis. I was intrigued by one of their new products, Watermelon Jerky. My family and I excitedly opened up the package, expecting some crunchy or chewy slices of “jerky” to pop out. But alas, this product fell short of our expectations, instead we pulled out a sticky mass. We had to peel the pieces off of each other and found them to be gummy, excessively sweet with minimal flavor. Too bad, you can’t win them all.

Then, I had an idea!! “Let’s get out the food dehydrator and see what happens!” We carefully layed the strips and let them dehydrate overnight. In the morning, we found the snack we had expected all along! Crunchy bits of dried watermelon! The flavor is still a bit lacking and too sweet, but the texture was divine.

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