Vegan Cheese Making!

This past weekend my friend, Eva, and I embarked on a day of making vegan cheeses. I began dabbling with vegan cheese making in 2002, when began studying and experimenting with the raw, vegan food culture. Since that time, there have been tremendous innovations in vegan cheese and there has been an explosion of brands appear on the market. Some of these are made with very natural ingredients while some are pretty high tech, formulated products.

Both Eva and I appreciate the Miyokos’s Creamery brand and when we discovered that Miyoko had a vegan cheese recipe book, we had to try it out!

We tried 5 different recipes, all with slightly different processing styles.

  • Fresh Mozzerella
  • Meltable Muenster
  • Air-Dried Brie
  • Beer & Chive Pub Cheese
  • Farmer’s Cheese

We mostly had good results. The Meltable Muenster, Pub Cheese and Brie are very delicious and have amazing textures. The Fresh Mozzerella was ok, but I’d say it is a little more like a spreadable ricotta. The Farmer’s Cheese was a bust. This is a coagualted soy milk style, but we did not get enough curds to make anything from it. Maybe this would be better with homemade soymilk?

I had some leftover soaked cashews, so I made my own version of a layered cheesecake, which was delicious.

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