Fermentation Experiments

Recently, I’ve been testing out some different methods for fermenting veggies.

Experiment #1: Sauerkraut made with two types different fermenting gadgets.

One jar (right side in pictures) used the Pickl-It Fermenting jar and airlock. This system has three components: a special jar with an opening at the top, a weight and the airlock which fits into the hole on top of the jar. The airlock keeps oxygen out of the jar and allows gas to escape.

The other jar (left in pictures) uses the Easy Fermenter lid system. This is a special lid that fits on a standard Mason jar. It comes with a pump that fits on a gasket on the lid and can be used to pump the oxygen out of the jar.

I was curious if one of these methods would produce a “better” kraut!

Tonight, I opened both of the jars. The kraut had been fermenting for 3 weeks. The only obvious difference was that the Easy Fermenter batch had some discoloration on the surface of the kraut, the top layer was a lighter, less bright color. I removed that section and found bright, vibrant kraut below. The flavor of both methods is identical.

This kraut is primarily made of red cabbage and carrots with some fresh ginger and dry spices. The fennel seeds are particularly strong and almost give you a numbing sensation. I find this kraut to be delicious!

I think that the most important piece of both methods is to use a good weight to keep the kraut submerged under liquid. This can be difficult with small pieces floating to the surface, but it really helps minimize the mold growth.

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