2021 Summer Baking #3 – Double Layer Cookie Balls

My daughter had an idea to make a filled cookie. We brainstormed together how best to achieve the filling. There are several methods that could work, depending on what kind of filling you have.

We landed on an idea to make a cookie-in-a-cookie, basically a ball shaped brownie surrounded by a chocolate chip cookie. This way, both the inside and the outside layer would bake together and hopefully result in a distinct layer with distinct flavors.

These cookies were also to be gluten and dairy free.

First, we made a dark chocolate chip cookie dough. For some reason, this dough came out VERY wet and I ended up adding in a bunch more oat flour to try and stiffen it up. Then, we put it in the fridge to chill hoping it would become rollable.

Next, we made a chocolate chip cookie dough, but left out the chocolate. This dough was much more workable, thankfully.

After a while, we rolled the chocolate dough into small balls. Since it was so soft, it took many rounds in and out of the fridge.

Next, we encased the chocolate balls with the light dough. We had to work very quickly so that the dough didn’t get too soft and sticky. Again, lots of rounds in and out of the fridge.

Eventually, we had some round balls and we baked them for 10 minutes at 350.

Amazingly, the balls did not droop or spread too much AND they looked AMAZING!

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