Summer 2021 Baking #4: Whole Wheat Bagels

I’ve been interested in making bagels for a while. I don’t eat a lot of bagels, but who doesn’t like a nice fresh one? Also, I was curious to see how it is different from making pretzels.

I decided to make the bagels on the night before I left for a big trip, maybe not the best time to do this project, but you gotta squeeze things in when you can! Turned out I only had whole wheat flour and not bread flour as the recipe called for. I knew this would cause some differences and that the bagels might not turn out as good, but I figured it was still going to be a good learning opportunity.

I used this recipe:

Overall, I think the bagels turned out pretty well. They were a little dense and we had some trouble getting the dough to ball up and look pretty, but they were still quite edible and we enjoyed both making them and eating them!

Plus, I’m enjoying making these videos. This one was difficult to get down to 1 minute, I had to make some quick cuts.

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